Elsewhere, risk the unknown

                   and the clash of possibilities !  

Photographic abstraction allows me:

To dare to follow my instinct,
To dare to break
the rules of photography,
To dare to play with colours,
shapes and lines in order to explore their languages,
To dare to leave things to chance.

Each creation illustrates natural elements; I seek out the potentialities that may be found between the visible and what is still hidden. My fascination for the beauty of detail encourages me to portray almost illusory shapes before the image.
I search for the beauty of the ephemeral
to create an emotion of the moment.

I call abstract art any art that contains no reminder or evocation of the reality observed, irrespective of whether this reality was my starting point.
The deliberate ambiguity of my abstractions
challenges the dominant power of language,  there are several possible interpretations, and no hierarchy.

Let your mind create images of your own world, with no preconceptions.