Elsewhere, risk the unknown!

In a world full of conventions and diktats…

                                                                                                       is there another voice?

My work does not tell of anything established, it’s more a way of seeing, thinking and reflecting on the mind looking at the image.

I want to leave space for the unexpected, always go further, towards the future, go elsewhere, gomeet the unknown with the delicious feeling of having an infinite number of possibilities. My artistic approach is to create and compose a photograph that belongs only to me but is aimed at the imagination of everyone, at their dreams, emotions and creative energies.


The essential is to dare:
Dare to take time to look!
Dare to look elsewhere, further!
Dare to be in the freshness of the unknown!
Dare to be attentive to silence and images!
Dare to consent to look at yourself with the eyes of another!
Dare to banish your certainties and challenge your experience!
Dare to turn obstacles into opportunities!

Because it’s through everyone’s differences, freedoms and emotions that we dare to grow and develop towards other possibilities.

I believe that we’re afraid of the unknown person that we are, and we’re therefore terrified by the unknown people that others represent. None of my works has a title and I don’t show any series as that would be to direct the spectator and suggest a restrictive vision.

It’s time, yes, it’s time to free ourselves from the slavery in which reality keeps us... and prevents us from looking further.” said Fellini.

Each photo seeks only to arouse feelings and generate emotions specific to each individual.