B. Joly  The essential is to dare!

B. Joly    -    author and photographer

Born August, 22 , 1958

Leaves and works in Solignac

Haute-Vienne, France

"Man’s strength lies in the fact that he has a choice of possibilities, but it is also his weakness".

My photographs cannot exist in the satisfaction of a knowledge, skill or experience; on the contrary, they must take their shape and full meaning as your imagination sees fit. As if my photograph was not a product of my will but of the spectator’s vision. Reality depends on each individual, on what he can perceive, on his vision, intellect, culture, experience and personality.                  
Taking a photograph is, above all, a very intimate, personal moment. I make up a fantasy world in which I feel content; I enter it, explore it and capture it.
The result of my photographs
is not an end in itself but a starting point.

I hope to attract you into my world of emotions and freedoms.

"The true wisdom of life consists in seeing the extraordinary in the common"    PEARL BUCK